Oversleep and Tiredness - Basic information you must know

So, you are one of those people who sleep too much – sleeping in day, sleep at night… sleeping in working hours on chair, sleeping on sofa in a gathering of your closed ones… sometimes you even don’t know, when did you sleep and how did you sleep? And the most important element – though you sleep too much, you are not fresh at all, moreover you feel extreme tiredness throughout your day. If you face this disturbance in sleeping once or twice in a month, that’s okay (may be due to some stress or improper sleep)… but if you are habitual of this bad sleeping cycle, you must know - you are at risk of some mental disorder or may be a victim of some disorder!
Depression and stress are associated with extensive dropping off. Heart diseases and diabetes are also associated with over sleeping. The person, who sleeps a lot, remains inactive most of the time have a peek at this post "What Time Should I Go to Bed and Wake Up". He/ she feel poor circulation of blood and also tingling and numbness frequently.

Do you sleep too much? – Important points you must read

  •  Hours needed for an adequate sleep depends upon different factors like your age, activity levels, working hours and genetic makeup
  •   When you are weak or ill, your body needs more sleep to gain energy – as compared to average daily routines
  • In working hours, your mind is fully activated because of increased amount of blood circulation and nutrients to your CNS. If you feel sleepy in working hours, you must have to visit your doctor at once
  • On an average, an adult must have sleep between seven to nine hours each night
  • For most, oversleeping is just a habit, which can be corrected

Hyper- somnia - oversleeping

Oversleeping is actually a sleeping disorder. People remain inactive whole day and feel extreme sleepy, which is not even cured by having frequent napping.  People who feel oversleeping also experience blue moods and anxiety additionally. Those people who are victims of obstructive sleep apnea also suffer from over dropping off. So, many disorders can result in oversleeping and oversleep can cause many disorders – simply vice versa.
We are here to discuss those people who have adopted over sleeping just like a habit or might be just for fashion. Well, if you are one of these cases, it is highly recommended for you to correct your bad habit as soon as possible. This is because of this fact, that if you get up early in the morning, you will remain more energetic, fresh and healthy throughout your life.

Tips to correct your over sleeping habit

  1. Follow a time table. Make a schedule for everyday and set your alarm according to your daily schedule.
  2. Take three time meals daily. Use fresh juices always with each meal
  3. Have an early morning jogging and exercise. Breathe in fresh air
  4. Use fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. Take 7-8 glass of water daily
Always try to set your mind according to your time table. If you want some good peaceful sleep, you can buy comfort sleep products at Justgosleep.com. Sleep properly and have a healthy life!